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Ion Energy Water...
Purified & Micro Filtered then Ionized with 240 Watts of Electricity purified alkaline water !

What is ION Energy Water


What Is ION Energy Water...

We use our Patented and High Ionization Process that Naturally adds the Hydrogen and Ion molecules to Naturally raise the pH of our Pure Drinking Water! 8.5 - 9.0 pH.

That means you get all Natural ENERGY and Health with every drop of our Antioxidant packed Water! 

No Chemicals are ever used in our Water! 

(Something most Alkaline water companies can't claim! They use High amounts of Sodium to raise the pH!) 

Our Water is Electrolyzed!

We use a High Energy (Electrical) process to Zap the molecules in our water with 240 watts!


The Great Way to Health...

The Only Water available that can ... DETOXIFY - HYDRATE  & Oxygenate your Cells with Optimum Energy!


Watch this Video about the FACTS on Ionized Alkalinized Water...

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